What Real Estate CRM Can Offer You

Real estate agents who are looking to increase the number of clients that they take on and want to earn more commission are always wanting to find new tools and resources to use. Real estate CRM is one of the most effective types of software to use to improve productivity and stay organized. When learning more about the program, there are a few common features that CRM offers.

Email Tracking
Many agents struggle with staying organized with all of the emails that they receive or finding pertinent information with property timelines or the vendor preferences of certain clients. Instead of losing information that you’ll likely need in the future, you can enjoy the convenience of having all of the data that you need on hand and doing a quick search through your emails to obtain the results you need in seconds. You’ll have the ability to integrate certain email services that include Outlook or Gmail for added convenience.

Mobile Functionality
One of the most common struggles for agents is having access to their email and important data that is needed throughout the day without being tied to their computer. Real Estate CRM makes it easy to have full mobile functionality on tablets and smartphones without having to only rely on a desktop computer. This makes it easier to have real estate contact management or access important data when you’re in an off-site meeting. This can improve your productivity throughout the day and make it easier to get in contact with your clients at a faster rate, which will make you more valuable as a professional in the industry.

Automate Lead Capturing
All of the leads that you obtain from websites or vendors are transferred to your database with an email alert that you receive when you obtain a new lead each time. You’ll even have the option of transferring your new leads to your monthly distribution list that is sent out, which can save you time and will allow you to gain more clients.

Maintain Your Client Database
One of the most common mistakes that real estate agents make is failing to stay connected to their former clients after the transaction is completed. Real Estate CRM makes it possible to stay organized with your former clients’ birthdays with automated reminders that allow you to contact them and ensure that you stay in the back of their mind when they’re getting ready to buy or sell again in the near future.

You’ll also have the ability to manage market events or build a business directory. Agents can even use a dashboard that makes it possible to maintain communication with former clients in one place with the activities and communications that are used. There are over 100,000 real estate agents in Canada, you’ll need all the help you can get to maintain a competitive edge.

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