All The Facts About Split AC

Split systems are usually the first things that come to most people’s minds when it comes to air conditioning Oshawa. The reason for this is usually because the split system type of air conditioners are the ones that have been around for a lot longer and have kind of become the default systems most people know. The ducted air conditioning systems have also begun to pick up in popularity in the recent years.

The split system ACs come with a lot of things that you need to take note of before you install it. You need to ensure you know all the facts about the split ACs before you decide that they are the best fit for your ideal homes. This article will share with you five crucial things about the split air conditioners you probably don’t know about yet.

1. Split system ACs may not be the best for your home


The type of AC you decide to purchase and install in your home depends a lot more on the layout and size of your home. And sometimes you may come to realize that the split system air conditioning might not be the best choice to go for. For example, take the multi-story or larger homes. The split system ACs won’t serve you adequately here. These types of ACs also require a wall unit for them to be installed in each room that will need air conditioning. Having more rooms that need air conditioning.

So, for the multi-story buildings, a deducted sir conditioning system can be the wisest choice to purchase and install.

2. Split system ACs are easy to install and maintain


Each split system AC requires a compressor and between 1 and 3 wall units to function optimally. And the wall unit will be installed in each room that needs to be air-conditioned. This AC system type is pretty simple to install. You can finish the whole installation process within 2-3 hours provided you do everything right. It’s usually best to install these systems when moving into a newly built home.

3. Split system ACs are easy to maintain


These types of ACs don’t have any ducts which make the whole maintenance process quite easy and you can even carry out the maintenances and servicing of these systems yourself at home provided you know what you are doing. The compressor and wall units can also be cleaned and serviced by the homeowners thus avoiding any extra costs of calling professionals to do the work.

4. Each wall unit operates efficiently and independently


Unlike the ducted ACs that require you turn on the whole system even when you only need to condition one room, the split system ACs allow for independent operations using the wall units. This simply means you can turn on the AC in one room as the others remain completely powered off which can also lower your electricity costs as well.

5. High energy star ratings


All of the recent models of the split system ACs now come with pretty high energy star ratings, which are as a result of the heavy investments that have been put into the R&D by all AC manufacturers. All this is aimed at improving the overall operating efficiency of these systems. You can notice these improvements in the fan and grille designs, to inverter technology, etc.

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