4 Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof

It takes years of hard work and savings to build or buy a house. For this reason, it is essential to take proper care of your home. If you’ve decided to build your house from scratch, an important decision you’ll need to make is which roof style to choose. If you’re confused as to which design will complement your home, professional roofers can help you. One trending style today is the flat roof.


1. Lower Cost

One of the reasons why flat roofs are a favourite choice among homeowners is the cost. The cost of installing flat roofs is lower than the traditional roof. This is because roofers don’t face as much difficulty while installing them. They are easy to install and requires less labour. Additionally, the materials tend to be more affordable. With regular maintenance, flat roofs can also last for many years. They are not quick to damage, which can help reduce repair costs over the long term.

2. Quick to Install

Another reason why many homeowners prefer flat roofs is that they are quick to install. If you’re building a new home, this means you can move in sooner. Additionally, if you to repair or replace the roof at any point, the process is fast, easy and convenient. There’s no need to alter your normal daily schedule. Depending on the size of the task, some jobs can be completed with 24 hours.

3. More Useable Outdoor Space

Another advantage the flat roof style has over other styles is that it increases your useable outdoor space. If you don’t have much space that you can call a yard, your roof can serve as a perfect substitute. You can transform the space into an outdoor lounge to relax and unwind. It also creates enough space for solar installation, allowing you to save more on electricity if you choose to go down that road. You may find more information at Cherry and Clark and their online resources.

4. Easy to Maintain

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The flat roof is also easy to maintain. Inspecting your roof for damages is easier, safer and faster than on a sloped roof. Cleaning gutters or conducting repairs becomes easy when you don’t have to worry about slipping off the roof.


1. No Attic

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Due to the flat design, this roof type doesn’t create an attic space. While you’ll have more outdoor space, you might lose out on indoor living space as a result.

2. Difficult to Insulate

Roofer preparing part of bitumen roofing felt roll for melting b

Flat roofs do not create enough space for insulation. As a result, a flat roof may not be able to withstand extreme weather conditions as effectively.

3. More Delicate

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This roof can’t withstand heavy weight. Any heavy object on the roof might cause great damage. In a bid to make your roof stronger, your roofers will have to compensate elsewhere.

4. Difficult to Drain

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Unlike their counterparts, flat roofs do not drain easily. To ensure your roof drains properly, your roofers will need to install additional draining mechanisms.

Now that you know the pros and cons of flat roofs, you should be able to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right roof style. Professional roofers can advise you on the best roof style to choose.

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